W.L. Jenkins Bells

The W.L. Jenkins Company, through our “Electronics” and “Reiter” Divisions, has been manufacturing signaling products (Bells and Mechanical Gongs) for industrial and security applications since the company was founded in 1901 in Canton, Ohio by G.C. Reiter, whose motto was “A Signal for Every Purpose”.

“JENKINS” electronic “SUPERING” vibrating, single stroke and pulsating (repeating single stroke) bells always command immediate attention. It’s an urgent, important, distinctive sound, not likely to be misinterpreted the way other electronic sound devices can be.

“JENKINS” electronic “FLASHERING” bells combine the unmistakable audio impact of our bell with the added visual impact of a flashing light or “SUPER-FLASH” revolving light.

“REITER” mechanical trip bells are spring-loaded and known as the best and loudest sounding “Trip Gong”. Made with heavy-duty cast iron and a gong shell manufactured using “Jenkins” proprietary heat-treating process like the rest of our bells, using premium U.S.A. steel.

All of our bells are known for their rich and lasting tone, which has been our hallmark for over a century, as well as our distinctive “Jenkins Grey”, although some models are available in our “Black Japan” and Brass.

Electronic bells are available in both AC and DC, 12-240 volts, and for indoor or outdoor use. They are easy to install, and almost all are UL approved.

If we can be of assistance at any time, please let us know. You may be assured of our cooperation and best efforts to satisfy your requirements.


Cordially yours, The W. L. Jenkins Company