Universal Telephone Alerts


The Universal Telephone Alerts are unique audible/visual signaling devices designed for telephone extension and notification alerting in office areas as well as in large and noisy locations. Typical applications include machine shops, factories, warehouses, print shops, construction sites and offices of all types. The UTA provides a combination of features never before available from a single device including: a choice of four (4) selectable sound patterns – horn, bell, vibrating chime, and single chime, all with a wide range volume control; choice of four (4) operating voltages: 24 VDC, 24 VAC, 48 VDC, and 90 Vrms/20 Hz: which operates directly from the telephone ringing voltage with low current draw to minimize line loading.


  • High dBA (109 dB) and low current draw
  • Low REN
  • One unit for most telephone systems with easy dip switch selection
  • Standard RJ11C phone jack connection (USA) or CA-11 jack (Canada)
  • Field selectable tones with easy dip switch selection
  • Attractive indoor and outdoor mounting options
  • Tamper resistant volume control
  • All models for connection to the public telephone network are FCC, DOC and UL 1459 approved
  • Combination audible/visual signals with an ADA compliant high intensity strobe (15 cd models UTA-WH-VPS) WHICH REQUIRES 115 VAC POWER FOR STROBE OPERATION


The Universal Telephone Alerts are designed to alert personel in large and noisy locations such as factories, machine shops, print shops, construction sites and warehouses.


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