Telestrobes & Electronic Telchimes


Compact Series PS TelStrobe signals emit a high intensity flashing light when the telephone rings. Ideal for high ambient noise environments; quiet zones in hospitals, libraries, broadcast studios and for alerting the hearing impaired. The Series PS TelStrobes are ADA Compliant.

These state-of-the-art modular signals are made for interior surface mounting with convenient plug-in installation. Their solid-state design utilizes a xenon flash tube for high brightness, long life and low power consumption. Model PS-11A includes an integral solid-state relay operated by telephone line ring voltage which switches 115 V.A..C line power to the strobe and is FCC (U.S.) registered, DOC (Canada) certified, and UL listed. Other TelStrobe models are powered directly from low voltage AC or DC, or telephone line ring voltage.


  • Emits high intensity flashing light
  • Alerts hearing impaired
  • ADA compliant
  • Solid state design


The Telestrobes will visually signal the hearing impaired of an incoming telephone call. Also used in areas with high noise levels and quiet areas such as manufacturing plants, libraries and broadcast studios.


The Series CH electronic TelChimes produce a pleasant, distinctive chime signal. All models include volume and tone adjustments and feature low current draw to minimize line loading. They are designed for medium to large area coverage and is attractively packaged for convenient surface mounting with modular telephone jack input. FCC (U.S.) registered and DOC (Canada) certified models can be used on the Public Telephone Network or behind PBX with interrupted ring voltages from 40-130 V, 20-30 Hz. Models for low voltage AC and DC power supplies are also available.


  • Regulated and filtered 24 VDC up to 600mA
  • Low current draw
  • Simple installation
  • Wide array of tone adjustments


The Electronic Telchimes are designed to alert individuals in an office complex of incoming telephone calls. Pleasing tones are emitted to signify an incoming call.


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