Office Telephone Alerts

Modular office telephone extension alerts are high quality, compact, signaling devices, available in a variety of signaling modes including chime, bell, and warble. Some can be directly connected to the public telephone network for activation by interrupted ring voltages (90 V, 20 Hz.) While others can be activated by telephone communication systems and power sources that provide 24 VAC/DC and 48 VDC.

Ideal applications for these low cost telephone extension alerts include small to mid-size areas such as general office areas, restaurants, medical offices, exam rooms, lunch rooms, computer rooms, and other quiet to moderately noisy locations that require a pleasant audible signal. The availability of these economically priced, easy to install telephone alerts makes it possible for any professional, educational, commercial or manufacturing facility to have a complete communication system of missed telephone calls.


  • High quality construction
  • Variety of signaling modes
  • Chime tone
  • Warble tone


The W.L. Jenkins Telephone Alerts are utilized in:

  • Professional Offices multitone audible devices used in small to mid size areas for incoming phone calls
  • Locations restaurants, medical offices, lunch rooms, computer rooms and librarys   


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