Multi-tone Loud Horn

The Series MTH-24 Multi-Tone Horn is a loud, attention getting alert with weatherproof construction designed for use in noisy and/or large indoor or outdoor locations where two different audible alerts are required. It is ideal as a telephone extension alert. When Analog Ring Voltage (i.e.: Direct Telephone Line or Telephone Extension of a “PABX” system) is present, use the CRT-T-40 Telephone Relay to develop the dry contact for controlling the sound output of the horn. It also serves well as an auxiliary alert, activated by a door/service push-button, time clock, or alarm system.         

The Multi-Tone Horn features a built-in, 10-watt amplifier and electronic tone generator. Its electronic warble tone, with timer circuit, will operate with both continuous and interrupted contact closure. When both alerting tones are activated, a built-in priority circuit allows the steady tone, which follows its activating closure, to take priority over the warble tone. An external volume control allows sound output to be set at a level to meet the requirements of the location.

The simplified universal mounting bracket permits the horn to be adjusted both horizontally and vertically so it can be aimed for maximum audibility.


  • Weatherproof for outdoors
  • Designed for noisy areas
  • Operates both continuous and warble tone
  • Heavy-duty construction


The Multi-Tone Loud Horn is used for the following:

  • Manufacturing steel mills, chemical plants, automobile factories and food processing plants
  • Institutions colleges, hospitals, extended care and financial institutions
  • Industrial telephone extension alert, paging signals and voice communications


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