Loading Dock Stop & Go Light

Reduce accidents, injuries and damage to docks and trucks by increasing communications between drivers and dock personnel with the LOADING DOCK STOP and GO LIGHT.

This new rugged polypropylene outdoor Stop and Go Light gives the incoming driver a flashing green or red light, telling them that if green, the driver is cleared to back into the dock. If red, the driver must wait for the cleared green light.
When the trailer reaches the dock and is safely locked in place a signal is sent to the Stop and Go Light turning the green to red informing the driver that the trailer is safely docked.

As an additional safety feature a second Stop and Go Light can be installed inside the loading area. This Stop and Go Light flashes green, when the outside light flashes red, indicating that loading or unloading of material may begin.


  • A simple and cost effective warning system that reduces the risks of accidents around the loading dock
  • Establishes a clear line of communications between driver and dock personnel
  • Compatible with most loading dock and dock leveler/restraint products
  • Standard automotive bulbs are long-lasting and inexpensive to replace
  • Shallow depth prevents damage to unit
  • Integral eyebrow-type sun visors for extended visibility


The W.L. Jenkins Stop and Go Light aids in the communication between dock workers and truck drivers, before loading and unloading of material takes place. They are used in manufacturing plants, hospitals, warehouses, grocery markets and all locations where the loading and unloading of material is required.