Dock Lighting and Signaling

The W.L. Jenkins Company offers a complete line of dock lighting and signaling products comprised of quality material and workmanship. The W.L. Jenkins Company will continue to be a leader in the signaling area as we have for over 50 years.

Products Available Include:

  • Dock Lights – all frames are constructed of high quality, 14 guage steel tubing. The lamp heads are available in either metal or polycarbonate material with incandescent lamp or sodium lamp configuration
  • Stop & Go Light – rugged polypropylene construction with easy to replace lamps

Dock Lights and Stop & Go Lights are available in a variety of configurations:

  • Single Struts DL – adjustable, folding arm allows horizontal and verticle positioning
  • Double Strut DL – double strut mounting arm provides greater strength
  • Adjustable Double Strut DSDL – dual struts with knuckle joint for total adjustability
  • Lamp Heads – metal or polycarbonate available for all models
  • Lamp – available in high pressure sodium or incandescent lamp for all models

Selecting the Appropriate Dock Light System for Your Environment

  • Area to be illuminated
  • Number of docks per warehouse
  • Light intensity required
  • Type of cargo platforms to be unloaded

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