Cooling Fan Dock Light Accessory

The fan attaches at the same fitting point as the lamp head on any Dock Lite Series dock light to ventilate rail car, truck or trailer environments. Fan weight will not effect lamp strut stability.


  • Available on Adjustable Single Strut SDL, Double Strut DL, Adjustable Double Strut DSDL
  • 18” blades provide up to 4200 cubic feet per minute of air (cfm@ 2 ft.)
  • 4200 cfm on high
  • 3250 cfm on medium
  • 2100 cfm on low
  • 2.0 amps


The cooling fan accessory will aid in the reduction and circulation of heat or unclean air in areas that are used for the loading or unloading of material from trailers, rail cars, trucks, and in all dock facilities, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and hospitals.


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