Series ST Stackable Machinery Lights

The Series ST Stackable Machinery Lights provide a visual or visual/audible means of communicating a Series of ON-OFF conditions of machinery, processing, stepping, or other manufacturing multiple operations that require monitoring.

Five models are available:

  • Model ST For mounting on 1/2" pipe
  • Model STP For mounting on flat surfaces
  • Model STY Horn inside base and 1/2" pipe thread in bottom
  • Model STD Stack lights mounted on 6" vibrating bell, 1/2" pipe thread-in bottom
  • Model ST4AM Side mount

All lights are furnished assembled from one to five units. The durable lenses are made of shatter resistant UV stabilized Polycarbonate in amber, blue, clear, green, red or white. All units are dust resistant with optional units for wet locations.

Various voltages are available:

  • 24VAC, 120VAC, 250VAC, 12VDC, and 24 VDC

Electronic or strobe flashers are available.


  • Shatter-resistant lens
  • Available in AC or DC configurations
  • All units dust and moisture resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple lens colors available


The W.L. Jenkins Company Stackable Machinery Lights aid in the production cycle by:

  • Industrial Process Supervision pressure and temperature supervision, power interruption, process heating failure and fluid level control
  • Material Handling conveyor systems, process control, machinery and equipment operation notification
  • Manufacturing wherever high noise levels and high activity areas require immediate attention

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