Industrial Machinery Lighting

With the steady increase and use of automated manufacturing machinery, it has become necessary to provide workplace communications of the machine status. This communication many times consists of a visual and/or visual/audible signals to the operator or remotely to a watchful supervisor.

The use of various color machinery lights has become an acceptable solution to this monitoring function.

The W.L. Jenkins Company has provided industry with a group of reliable, cost effective machinery lights designed to fit the various installation demands found in the manufacturing environment.


  • Machinery lights available in stackable, surface mount, pipe mount, and side mount to meet any installation requirements
  • All lights have high impact, shatter resistant lens in amber, blue, clear, green or red
  • Optional audible devices of horn or bell
  • Wide range of voltages; 120 AC, 24 VAC/DC
  • Optional flashers – electronic, thermal and strobe on most models

The following consideration should be taken into account in the selection of machinery lights.

  • Purpose for which the light is to be used
  • Intensity of light required
  • Lens color – appropriate for the type of communication
    - Warning
    - Off/On
    - Emergency
  • Audible requirements – Horn – Bell
  • Type of installation; pipe, surface or side mount

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