AMT Multitone Electronic Signals

The AMT Series Multitone electronic signals provide the industry with a UL 1638/464 combination Audible/Visual device that simplifies installation and offers three (3) distinct prioritized audible signals from three (3) isolated inputs. Priority one (1) will override all other command upon activation. The AMT offers a choice of eight (8)self-prioritized sound outputs from which the three (39) prioritized sounds are selected.

The AMT and AMT Strobe units have two (2) user selective sound output levels, standard dBA and high dBA.

The AMT provides dual voltage capability in one unit, 12V DC or 24V DC operation, filtered or FWR. The AMT Strobe electronic signals operate with either 12V DC or 24V DC and may be used with filtered or unfiltered (full-wave rectified) input voltages. Separate supervised sets of input terminals are available for each prioritized input. Jumper plugs are provided to enable both tone and strobe to operate simultaneously for all inputs. The AMT and AMT Strobes are UL listed for indoor and outdoor, using appropriate back boxes.


  • Three separate prioritized inputs that will activate three isolated signals
  • All inputs can be supervised
  • Two power taps for high dBA and normal dBA at 10 feet
  • Low current draw with low temperature compensation to reduce power consumption and wiring costs
  • AMT Strobe models available in 12V DC with 15 candela strobe and 24V DC with 15 or 117 candela strobe
  • AMT with strobe can flash independently or in unison with audible signal
  • Low cost installation via standard electrical boxes. Attractive flush or surface mounting options
  • Listed under UL Standard 1638 for visual signaling and UL 464 for audible appliances, indoor and outdoor


Industrial signaling where separate signals are required, such as pumps and motors, and conveyor systems.


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