Mechanical Bells

The W.L. Jenkins Company has been manufacturing mechanical bells for over 50 years. These mechanical bells are made of heavy duty cast iron construction of operating parts and a gong shell manufactured to the Jenkins heat-treated bell steel specifications.

The Jenkins line of mechanical bells consists of single and double trip action models, various foot operated and rotary models, all designed for particular applications



Single Trip Action Bell

The single trip action bell consists of a rugged cast frame and a spring loaded gong hammer. The bell operates by manually pulling a lever that releases the spring allowing the gong hammer to strike the gong shell. The bell rings once each time the lever is pulled.

  • Model 60 – Grey steel gong shell in 4", 6" and 8" models
  • Model 50 – Brass gong shell in 4" and 8" models

Double Trip Action – Model #65

The double trip action bell is the same as the single trip action except the bell operates with each pull of the lever either above or below the bell location. Steel gong shells come in 8" and 10" models.


The W.L. Jenkins Mechanical Bells can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Transportation ferries, amusement park rides, trolly cars and trams
  • Manufacturing cranes, hoists and rail cars
  • Manufacturing Facilities steel mills, mining operations, refineries and foundries


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