Supering Bells Vibrating

Vibrating bells produce a continuous ringing sound as long as power is applied. The W.L. Jenkins line of vibrating bells includes Pig-Tail and Plug-In types, indoor and outdoor, in AC and DC voltages.


  • Completely assembled with gong shell
  • Universal backplate for mounting on various backboxes
  • Gong shell need not be removed for installation
  • Efficient operation
  • Available in 4-1/4", 6", 8" and 10" gong sizes
  • Indoor and outdoor models


Vibrating bells are ideally suited for life safety and warning systems, such as:

  • Industrial Process Supervision pressure and temperature supervision, power interuption, process heating failure, and fluid level control
  • Materials Handling conveyor systems, processing control, machinery and equipment operation notification
  • Institutional Signaling class changing and dismissal, and evacuation signals
  • Recreational Equipment Trams, childrens riding trains and arcade machines


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