Supering Bells Single Stroke

Single Stroke bells produce one strike (tone) when power is applied and will not repeat until power is removed and then re-applied. The W.L. Jenkins line of single stroke bells include indoor Pig-Tail and Plug-In types, in AC and DC voltages.


  • Completely assembled with gong shell
  • Universal backplate for mounting to various backboxes
  • Gong shell need not be removed for installation
  • Efficient operation
  • Available in 4-1/4", 6", 8" and 10" gong sizes
  • Indoor models       


Single Stroke bells have applications in paging and coding systems where a defined number of strikes (tones) can be generated and identified by the system:

  • Institutions coded evacuation, time clock and paging systems
  • Recreational Equipment gaming equipment, toys, and childrens’ trains
  • Transportation Conveyance Systems trolley cars, trams, trains, ferries and hydrofoils
  • Maritime Signaling


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