Supering Bells

The W.L. Jenkins Company has been a leader in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of electric bells for more than 50 years. W.L. Jenkins’ industry leadership stems from unique gong shell design, customized material specifications, and manufacturing heat-treating process, resulting in a sharp, clear resonating bell tone with a high decibel output.

A wide range of models and sizes includes:

  • Vibrating Bells produce a continuous bell ringing sound as long as power is applied. A vibrating bell is particularly applicable for general signaling purposes, including industrial process supervision, material handling systems, and other life safety and warning systems.
  • Single-Stroke Bells produce one strike (tone) when power is applied and will not repeat until power is removed and reapplied. A single stroke bell is particularly applicable for coded systems, including office, paging, and schools.

Vibrating and Single-Stroke Bells are available in a variety of configurations:

  • Pig-Tail models consist of wire-leads from the bell housing that are connected to the incoming power wiring
  • Plug-In models have a three prong plug within the bell housing that plugs into a mating receptacle located on the bell backplate
  • Voltages available include all standard AC and DC voltages
  • Gong sizes include 4-1/4", 6", 8" and 10"
  • Indoor bell configurations are availble for all models
  • Outdoor bell configurations are available in AC and DC vibrating bells

Bells are UL and ULC listed on most models.

Selecting the appropriate Supering® Bell should take into account the following considerations:

  • The purpose for which the bell is to be used and whether a continuous or single stroke sound is desired
  • Ambient sound conditions
  • The size of the area to be covered
  • Installation indoor or outdoor 


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