Flashering Bells

The sound of a bell has always commanded immediate attention. It is an urgent, important, distinctive sound, not likely to be misinterpreted as other signaling devices may be in certain environments. The W.L. Jenkins Company has combined the unmistakable audio impact of a bell with the added visual impact of flashing light. Flashering™ Bells provide twice the effectiveness of a bell or other lone signaling device by combining audio and visual devices in one easy to install unit.


  • Single Stroke, Vibrating, and Pulsating bell actions are available with or without a simultaneous flashing light signal
  • Voltages available include all standard AC and DC voltages
  • Gong Sizes include 4-1/4", 6", 8" and 10"
  • Indoor bell configurations are available in all models
  • Outdoor bell configurations are available in AC and DC vibrating bells
  • The bell and signaling device are combined in one complete and integrated unit
  • No separate circuits are required
  • Normal bulb service life in the signaling unit exceeds 1000 hours. In addition, the bulb is easily replaced from the exterior of the unit
  • UL Listed for General Signaling on most Indoor and Outdoor Models

Flashering® Bells are UL and ULC listed on most models for general signaling applications.

Selecting the appropriate Flashering® Bell should take into account the following considerations.

  • The purpose for which the bell is to be used and whether a continuous or single stroke sound is desired
  • Ambient sound conditions
  • Lighting
  • The size of the area to be covered
  • Insurance requirements


Flashering® Bells are best suited for applications wherever urgency demands prompt attention, in areas that have elevated noise levels, or for alerting the visually or hearing impaired.

  • Manufacturing Facilities wherever noise and high activity areas require signaling
  • Materials Handling conveyor systems, processing control, machinery and equipment operation notification
  • Institutional Signaling class starting and dismissal
  • Transportation Conveyance Systems trolley cars, trams, trains, ferries and hydrofoils


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