Electric Door Strikes

With the increased awareness for additional security provisions for commercial and industrial institutions the use of electric door strikes has become a necessary security measure.

The W.L. Jenkins Company line of low voltage electric door strikes for locking and unlocking doors from a remote location provides this additional security measure.

Electric magnetic door strikes can either be normally locked and released electrically, remotely by a switch, contact device or the operation can be reversed where the door is normally unlocked and then locked electrically by the remote switch or contact device.


There are basically two types of electric door strikes:

  • Mortise Types: The mortise unit is used with mortise entrance locks having a latch bolt. The lock replaces the regular door strike plate. Most mortise types are reversible for right or left hand doors.
  • Rim Types: The rim type unit is surface-mounted and installed on the face of the door and used in conjunction with a latch bolt. Most rim types are reversible for right and left hand doors.


Door strikes are used in commercial and industrial environments in a wide variety of applications such as offices, apartments, financial institutions, schools, laboratories, precious metal manufacturers, card entry systems, food markets and other security controlled areas.

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