General Purpose Surface Mounted Bells

Fully enclosed mechanism bells with straight hammer action resulting in maximum efficiency and power. Designed to operate on bell-ringing transformers, DC power supplies or batteries.

HEAVY DUTY - 8-12 Volts AC, 3-6 Volts DC
Model J3044 - 4" Diameter Gong
Model J3066 - 6" Diameter Gong

  • Warning Signals
  • Industrial Equipment
  • General Purpose Alarms

LIGHT DUTY - 8-12 Volts AC, 3-6 Volts DC
Model J302 - 21/2" Diameter Gong
Model J304 - 4" Diameter Gong

  • Door Annunciator
  • Call Systems
  • Alarm Systems


  • Steel base and covers
  • Large magnet coils
  • Steel gongs
  • Low cost
  • Low Drain


The W.L. Jenkins Company General Purpose Bells provide low cost signaling wherever an attention getting mechanism is required:

  • Manufacturing gaming equipment and arcade machines


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