Bell/Flashing Strobe

Sometimes the sound of a warning bell is not sufficient to provide a warning signal, particularly in an area where the ambient noise level may be high. To enhance the alarm signal and provide unmistakable warning. The W.L. Jenkins Company has combined their rugged quality bell with a high intensity strobe integrated on a single mounting plate for indoor applications.


  • Operates on 120 Volts AC for both bell and strobe
  • Rugged vibrating bell available in 4-1/4”, 6”, 8 and 10” gong sizes
  • High intensity Xenon Flashtube Strobe requires low power input and is of compact solid state design with long operating life
  • UL approved for general signaling applications


The Bell/Flashing Strobe is used for the following situations:

  • Manufacturing Facilities wherever high ambient noise and activity areas need immediate warning of potential emergency situations
  • Life/Safety visual and audible warning devices for the blind and hearing impaired
  • Institutions schools, financial institutions, libraries, government and hospitals for general signaling applications


The Bell/Strobe combination is easy to install because of its two piece construction. Simply mount the back plate to the conduit box, connect wire, and fasten cover plate with bell and strobe to back plate.


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